Our mission : livable, efficient & durable smart cities !


Qucit stands for quantified cities. We gather data related to urban mobility to measure the pulse of the city.
We provide APIs, standalone application and consulting services to implement optimal strategies for planning and operating transport infrastructure.
Qucit first tackled areas where there was obviously room for improvement: bike sharing systems, and parking.
We are eager to explore and experiment.

Improving bikeshare systems' operation & planning

The challenges

Load balancing

Current load balancing techniques do not deal well with the swinging nature of urban mobility. Full or empty stations make users lose confidence in the system.


Maintenance teams waste time and money searching for broken equipment. Damaged items remain undetected for too long, annoying users and potentially putting them in danger.

Improving parking operation & planning

The challenges


Drivers do not know how long they will have to search to find street parking, the number of spaces available in a lot, or the price they will have to pay. This leads to unnecessary frustation as both time and money are wasted.

Traffic fluidification

On average, drivers in cities spend 20 minutes searching for a parking place. This causes increased traffic congestion and pollution.

They trust us

Qucit has allowed us to improve our users' perception of our bikeshare system, and to strengthen our position against our competitors.

Paul Chaperon — Keolis Bordeaux CMO

Since September 2014, Keolis Bordeaux has been using Qucit's BikePredict API

91 %

accuracy level

500, 000 +

predictions delivered to users

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